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Adjustments! Adjustments! Adjustments!!! [04 Jun 2013|09:57pm]
The boyfriend and I have only been living together a week and we're already having our first fight. I'm sitting here in the bedroom crying my eyes out (I should mention I'm PMSing!) and I think he has decided that he is sleeping on the couch, considering he just came in the bdr grabbed his pillow and walked back out. We've now been together just under 9 months so yes I know living together sounds crazy but the 3 hr drives back and forth were driving us crazy! So something had to be done! He took the plunge and moved to Dallas I look at it as I got lucky but really it just made sense, I love my job here and I make really good money. He hated his job and not as great as money. He moved here jobless which was fine with me but this puts all the financial stresses on me as I am now paying almost double in bills. All of this is fine really, what's not fine is he doesn't have much of an interest in finding a new job and everytime I txt him while I'm at work to ask what he's doing it's always "looking at media room stuff!" He will find a job, I know him but today I told him I was looking forward to him finding a job so we could book our Labor Day weekend to Orange Co. (I've had the oppurtunities to travel a lot recently and I am craving a get a way). He replies back with "out of all the things on the list, that's not a priority." Considering he has NO JOB and all he's talked about this week is "media room equipment" I flipped out! He has spent the last 4 yrs supporting someone so he didn't have the money to build this dream media room he's always fantasized about and I understand he's excited about having someone that he can split life with 50/50 and I know he's super anxious but we are 9 months from moving into a house!!! Labor Day weekend is 3 months away! and then I find out he doesn't even want to go to Orange Co! We also talked about going to Vegas for NYE, I find out today that he's not really interested in that either! So frustrated!! When we first started dating we talked about our love for travel, we even went to New Orleans together in February but he has dreams of traveling to specific places I like the idea of just getting away so I pick cheap places! I have specific places I'd like to see too but I don't care where I go as long as every few months I'm getting to go somewhere. New Orleans in February, Vegas was in April....and I thought Orange Co would be in Sept but I guess I'll shoot for a girls only trip back to Vegas in October. So much for couples trips :(
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Life [16 Nov 2011|10:01pm]
Working 2 jobs and going to school full time has got to be one of the hardest things I have ever done! There are some days where I can convince myself that I'm super woman and that everything is going to be just fine and then there are days where I want to cry and pull my hair out. These last few days have been the "pull my hair out" days. The end of the semester is nearing and I have all these project due dates that are pileing up and it is stressing me out!! I wish I could push a fast fwd button to Dec 16th. Though I'm not really getting a Xmas break because I chose to take Business Law during winter mini.

In spite of all the stress it is so nice to have routine back in my life (and money, lol). I am so thankful to have my new job!
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I have a new laptop!! [20 Feb 2011|10:08pm]
I've become super close with my ex sis n law again (we started talking on facebook after not for like 8 yrs) and I've gotten to know her parents really well too. Her dad works for Dell and he gets a 17% discount off anything from Dell, including sale items. My ex sis n law called me a few weeks ago and said "Dell is having a one day only sale with selected items being 30% off plus my dad's discount, I can get you a $1000 lap for a little over $500, do you want it?" Of course my response was "heck yeah!" I felt like a little kid in a candy store. I had been computerless for quite sometime. My desk top crashed 2 yrs ago, I bought a netbook to replace it but that thing ended up being a piece of crap and I ended up losing it in a drunken stupid night back in September, I wasn't heart broken though.

Waiting for it put my patience to the test and I quickly remembered how impatient I am. I must have posted about it on facebook every day refering to it as my "new toy", just to get a rise out of the silly boys. I checked the delivery status on the Fed Ex website every hour and hoped, that even though the expected delivery day was not that day, something would change. On the day the status finally said "delivery in route, will be delivered today" I literally jumped for joy, just to be disappointed by the end of the day. After 6pm rolled around and it still had not been delivered I checked the website and it said "delivery postponed due to undeliverable roads", most of the metroplex had been shut down due to a horrible winter storm. But the next day it was delivered and now it's MINE ALL MINE!!!!

Not having a computer keeps you almost completely disconnected from the world, or so it feels like. I was able to do some internet browsing and facebooking with my phone but it wasn't the same. LJ was not really an option for me, my phone didn't like the website at all, not even the mobile site. My phone would load the page and I could read as it was loading but once the page was completely loaded it became some sort of jumble mumble.

So, with all this being said, start expecting more posts from me :)
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Lessons learned... [11 Feb 2009|12:23pm]
Vegas was a blast but February is NOT the time to go, we froze our asses off. I love my sister but she's really not my ideal "vegas buddy". Next time will be with my SINGLE friends!
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Things that make you go hummm.... [06 Feb 2009|07:27pm]
Haha! I'm leaving for Vegas tomorrow morning at 7:30 AM. After years of talking about going I"m finally getting to!! Woohoo!!
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Fuck! [20 Feb 2008|09:45pm]
I spent $400 on a new cell phone not even a month ago and I'm a dumb ass and forgot to get the insurance....well tonite I went to stick the phone in the cup holder of my car and apparently there was a tiny bit of coke in it...and now my phone is jacked! and I'm phoneless...
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Myspace... [12 Feb 2006|10:44pm]
I started a new myspace acct...I've tried to add a few of ya'll...but ya'll should add me! http://www.myspace.com/42866655
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haha!! [12 Jun 2005|06:13pm]
I met the HOTTEST mexican ever last night and he was one hell of a kisser.......too bad he's only 21!!!!
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aggravated... [18 Sep 2004|01:57pm]
I haven't heard from Phillip in 5 days now, it pisses me of!! I'm trying so hard not to be mad but it's not working, I feel like a complete bitch.....I'm just concerned. Why hasn't he been able to get on the computer at least?!?!
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By the way..... [27 Jul 2004|05:35pm]
My bday is Friday......can anyone tell me what's so great about being 24, cause right now I can't think of a dang thing!!!
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I'm such an airhead.... [21 Jul 2004|03:41pm]
So I was off the whole entire week for the 4th of July, I took the week off thinking that I had plenty of vacation time to take off. I was going by the thing online and it siad that I did, come to find out, the thing I was looking at is 3 weeks behind and I was 12 hours short for that week. The way blue cross does things is 2 weeks behind, so I was short 12 hours and you would think it would have came out of the check I got on the 8th but it didn't it's coming out of this one. I also worked 10 hours of OT last week and I"ve been thinking to myself that that will make up for the lost 12 hours but I found out today that the OT will be on our next checks (the aug 3rd check). So earlier I figured up my bills ($410) and I figured out my check and for some stupid reason, all day long, I kept thinking I was only gonna get paid for 28 hours!! I have been almost in tears all day long trying to figure out how I was gonna pay $410 worth of bills with a $230 pay check. So I get home and I'm talking to Christy about it and she was like "don't you get paid every 2 weeks??" and then it hit me, I'll be getting paid for 68 hours not 28!! So I'm gonna be fine and I was stressin' over nothing!! I'm such an airhead!!
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Last night was great.... [23 May 2004|04:43pm]
I met one of the greatest guys ever. But of course with my bad luck it turns out that he doesn't live in Abilene, he lives in Ft Worth. He's in the marine reserves and they do their one weekend a month here in Abilene. I pass through Ft Worth to get to Commerce so when I go through on Friday I'm gonna stop and see him, I'm soo excited. A 2 hour long distance relationship wouldn't be that bad, right?? He was by far the coolest guy I've met in so long. What's funny about all this is, I was at the club with some friends I hadn't seen in awhile they were getting ready to leave because drink specials were over with. I didn't know anybody else at the club so I told them that they couldnt' leave until I at least got a # or found someone else to talk to. So Dena and I went to the bathroom and as we were walking out I said something about this guy being cute but he was talking to a girl. Dena looked at me and said "I know that girl"...well she went and talked her friend and had her friend introduce us. His name is Phillip and he's great and I did get his # so they could leave. He's so cute, but completely different than any guy I've ever dated, he's only 5'6 and he weighs 120 lbs. His ears stick out of his head a little too far but that's ok too. He's soo sweet and he's a good kisser.....but anyway I'll shut up. Life is slowly but surely starting to get better. I'm still pissed at Dee about everything that happened with Alan, I'll never get over it. I never got to see his casket, which shouldn't have been a big deal but for some reason it was......Oh yesterday there was an airshow at the base here and I went and now Im FRIED, I'm gonna be pissed if I peel cause that means my tan will be gone and all that money will haev gone down the drain......humm I"m gonna go, I'm gonna watch a movie....bye.
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Soo.... [19 May 2004|09:52pm]
The memorial for Alan was really nice, it was sad but nice. Thinking about his daughter kills me, both of your parents should not be dead by the time you turn 2. I keep thinking that this is not real and it's a big dream and we're all gonna wake up and everything is going to be ok and he's gonna be here. I guess the reason I'm having such a hard time with this is cause I'm a I have to see it to believe it kind of person. I never got to see his body, it was a closed casket. In fact I was told that the only people who saw his body were the people who found him, they said he looked exactly like himself there were no cuts, srcapes or bruises, he was just really swollen.......I seem to think I'm gonna be ok when I'm keeping myself occupied but I had a hard time at work today because my job consists of me sitting there and it's boring so all I can think about is him.......Dee is still being a bitch, she's hurt my feelings in every way possible and she's lied to me for NO damn reason......I am so done with her, who needs friends like that when you have enemies.
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I am soo sad..... [18 May 2004|01:01am]
Alan's body finally surfaced and his memorial is tomorrow......I can't stop crying......I keep thinking that I'm in stuck a bad nightmare and I'm eventually gonna wake up......I feel so alone. I wasnt real close with him anymore, but everyone keeps telling me that I still have a right to be upset but yet they dont' act like I do. Dee thanked me tonite for introducing the two of them, they were still really close, she thought of him as a brother......grr I thought writing would make me feel better but it's not.....
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I'm haunted by the date Nov 30th... [16 May 2004|10:11am]
That was Trey's bday, the biggest ass I've ever dated in my whole life. I wasted 5 months on him. The biggest mistake ever. So I randomly started thinking about him for some unknown reason. I keep wondering if he's still getting married, last I heard him and Lynzie were getting married next month. But anyway, my sister is pregnant and her due date is Nov 30th. My next door neighboors daughter is pregnant and she's due Nov 30th and it turns out the my neighboors weddign aniversary is NOv 30th. What is the deal with this crap?!?! Everytime he crosses my mind 20 million things start popping up that remind me of him. I remember the last time I started thinking about him like this, I was still living in Commerce. I went 4 months with out seeing him or talkign to him and for some reason I just started thinking about him a lot, 3 nights later he called me. I know now there is no way of him ever finding out my # even if he wanted to call.....I wish he would just go away, but he won't. I cared about him way too much.
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some of this is true [15 May 2004|09:40am]
Fun to be with. Secretive. Difficult to fathom and
to be understood.
Quiet unless excited or tensed. Takes pride in
oneself. Has reputation.
Easily consoled. Honest. Concerned about people's
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Friendly. Approachable. Emotional temperamental and
unpredictable. Moody and
easily hurt. Witty and sparkly. Not revengeful.
Forgiving but never forgets.
Dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things. Guides
others physically and
mentally. Sensitive and forms impressions
carefully. Caring and loving.
Treats others equally. Strong sense of sympathy.
Wary and sharp. Judges
people through observations. Hardworking. No
difficulties in studying. Loves
to be alone. Always broods about the past and the
old friends. Likes to be
quiet. Homely person. Waits for friends. Never
looks for friends. Not
aggressive unless provoked. Prone to having stomach
and dieting problems.
Loves to be loved. Easily hurt but takes long to

What does your birth month say about you?
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YEA!!! [14 May 2004|10:11pm]
I've lost more weight!! I've gone from 150 to 135 in the last 3 weeks!! I have decided to withdraw myself from the contest at work though. There's a lady who lost 10 lbs last week and I was thinkin' about it and with my bone structure I'm not gonna get any lower than 125, I might get down to 120....so that's only 15 more lbs at the most, we still have over a month to go on the contest, so I'm sure that lady who lost 10 lbs is going to lose more weight than I can afford to loose, so I decided that I'd be wasting the $20. I'm still gonna continue to do what I've been doing until I get to the weight that makes me feel more comfy....I'm so excited though!!
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The last few days have been rough.... [12 May 2004|12:02pm]
because of this http://www.reporter-news.com/abil/nw_local/article/0,1874,ABIL_7959_2876434,00.html

I met him back in Oct of '99 and for quite awhile there was a group of us that always hung out together. We were always doing the most random things. Things changed when I moved to Commerce, I started losing touch with everyone. With in the 3 yrs that I was gone Alan got married. He got married in Jan of '02, had a baby in May and then his wife died in June. He was left with a 3 week old baby so he moved up to washington state to be closer to his family. He was gone for 2 yrs and he moved back in Jan. Dee managed to stay in touch with him the whole time, he was like a brother to her. Alan moved back down here about the time that I moved in with Dee. I started to regain a friendship with him and I had also developed a crush. I knew I didn't stand a chance so I just shut my mouth and didn't say anything. I'm pretty sure he wasn't interested but even if he would have been Dee wouldn't have allowed anything to happen. He eventually met someone, I think he'd been dating her for the last 2 months......but anyway, I went out to the lake yesterday, it was really depressing. It's been 3 days, I wonder how long it takes for a body to surface.....this is getting me all teary eyed so I'm going......
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Question... [09 May 2004|02:05pm]
If you were seriously dating a guy and he got invited to his best friends bday party, would you automatically assume that you were invited too??
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Stole this from [Unknown LJ tag] .....I don't know if this will work but it's worth a try!! [09 May 2004|07:01am]

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